Single Implants

Course description:

The Single Implant Surgery Course is designed for dental professionals seeking to enhance their knowledge and skills in single implant surgery. This comprehensive two-day course combines theoretical knowledge, hands-on practice, and clinical application to provide a complete understanding of single implant placement in various clinical situations.



June 6-8, 2024

August 23-24, 2024

What you get:

  • Implant basics
  • Flap design
  • Treatment planning
  • Suturing skills
  • Restorative methods
  • Practice integration
  • Real-life scenarios
  • Live-patient experience

Course objectives:

Course Content

  • Understand the principles and indications of single implant surgery.
  • Apply efficient strategies and techniques for implant placement in healed and immediate sites.
  • Utilize Platelet-Rich Fibrin (PRF) during implant placement to improve tissue regeneration and infection prevention.
  • Develop comprehensive treatment plans for single implant cases.
  • Perform flapping and suturing techniques for implant sites.
  • Manage patient comfort with oral sedation during surgery.


Dental Assistant


One of the most crucial aspects to this entire process is training your team. They will make you efficient and more comfortable during these procedures. We will train them on how to set up and break down surgical rooms, how to assist you during complex surgical procedures, an we’ll introduce them to all of the amazing technology and procedures you’ll want to implement one day. A well trained team is one of the most important aspects to a thriving practice.

Office Managers & Treatment Coordinators

$1,750 and $500 per team member after that

“How to Market, Finance, and Close Cases”

Now that you have the clinical confidence to complete full arch surgeries, the real question is how to find and convert patients. We have partnered with All-On-Marketing and are excited to present the full arch surgery Patient Experience course. During this two-day course your office manager, treatment coordinator, or marketing coordinator will learn how to create engaging marketing, manage and convert leads, problem solve financing, even present research on how what the doctor wears can influence treatment acceptance.

We’ll also include all the printed materials, workflows, and systems that your office will need to jump-start your implant program. This course will coincide with a full arch implant course so your office manager, treatment coordinator, or marketing coordinator will have the opportunity to observe an implant surgery and most importantly, the prosthetic delivery.



You will get to observe the other doctors performing their procedures, and learn from the other doctors and instructors. You will get access to the virtual curriculum and all resources provided at the course.

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Full Arch Implants

June 6-8, 2024

November 7-9, 2024

Single $17,795

Discounts available for multiple arches

Financing Available

Wisdom Teeth

September 27-28, 2024

IV Sedation Course

Online Didactics 

20 hours of video content

(must be completed before in person sessions)

In-person sessions

Summer Cohort

August 22-25, 2024  Session One

September 26-29, 2024 Session Two


*Payment Plans Available

Add-ON: Dental Assistant

ADD-On: Office Managers & Treatment Coordinators

Add-on: Full-Arch observational

Add-on: wisdom teeth observational

Add-on: single implants observational

Add-on: IV Sedation - Online Only

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