IV Sedation Course

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IV Sedation

Earn your IV Sedation Certification and gain 92 CE hours in total. With 60 hours of didactic learning, 32 hours of clinical practice, and 20+ live patient IV sedations, this comprehensive course follows the 2016 ADA Guidelines for Teaching Pain Control and Sedation to Dentists and Dental Students for IV moderate sedation. Enhance your skills and elevate your dental practice today!

*Payment Plans Available

Session 1: Online Didactics June 2023

20 Per Cohort

  • Online Learning Modules
  • Curriculum from Board Certified Anesthesiologist

Session 2: In-Person Didactics and hands-on Aug 2023 | Feb 2024


  • 3 Days of Didactics
  • 1 Day Hands-on

Session 3: In-Person Live-patient sedation Sept 2023 | Mar 2024


  • 1 Day of General Practice
  • 1 Day of Single Implants
  • 1 Day of Wisdom Teeth
  • 1 Day of Full Arch


Enhanced Patient Comfort:

IV sedation allows dentists to provide a more comfortable and anxiety-free experience for patients, leading to increased patient satisfaction and trust.

Expanded Treatment Options:

Offering IV sedation in your practice can expand the range of treatments you can provide, allowing you to cater to patients with dental anxiety, complex procedures, or those requiring multiple treatments in one session.

Competitive Edge:

Providing IV sedation sets your practice apart from others, attracting more patients seeking a comfortable and stress-free dental experience.

Higher Treatment Acceptance:

Patients who might otherwise avoid dental treatment due to anxiety or fear may be more likely to accept necessary treatments when IV sedation is available, improving overall oral health outcomes.


IV Sedation Course Highlights:

  • Moderate sedation pros & cons
  • Complication prevention & management
  • Safe & effective sedation administration
  • IV access, injections & techniques
  • Drug pharmacology & safety
  • Emergency protocols & equipment
  • Advanced cardiac life support principles

Course Content:

  • Anxiety & pain control history
  • Patient evaluation & selection
  • ASA classification & risk assessment
  • Sedation anesthesia continuum
  • Respiratory & circulatory physiology
  • Local anesthetic pharmacology
  • Moderate sedation indications
  • Dental procedures under sedation
  • Patient monitoring & record keeping
  • Complication & emergency management
  • Sedation monitors & equipment
  • Systemic complications prevention & management
  • Intravenous access & techniques

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